The Best Bong For The Best Marijuana

When you are starting with your medical joint treatment or would try to use marijuana then this is your guide for beginners that covers the basics of bongs or water pipes, after reading this info you’ll be up and ready to get the best bong for you.

Why is a bong necessary? Whether you’re new to smoking weed or you are a veteran joint user, you might be asking why should you buy a bong and keep things simple. After all, you can get a perfectly good hit from a joint, so why spend in one of these fancy contraptions, right?

For your information, bongs, are not as fancy as they may look to a new buyer. They are pretty clear-cut; however they do come in never-ending varieties. The fundamental purpose of any bong is to push smoke up through a volume of bubbling water. This filters the smoke somewhat before you inhale it.

Here are some of the few advantages of a bong

  • The filtration purpose of the bong makes the smoke cool and smooth. Bong makes the inhalation bigger, longer and deeper possible. Using a bong, you can take 1 large rip and feel great about it, therefore, you can use less weed, which leads me to the next reason.
  • Less is more: The bowl of a bong needs less weed than a joint; bongs releases less smoke while idle. Most of the smoke gets pulled straight into the bong chamber, also reducing waste. You can easily extinguish the bong between hits. Weed does not come cheap. With Bongs you can save your cash and feel the goodness of the best marijuana.
  • Enhanced effect of the weed: when you smoke using a bong, you can include a lot of different kind of liquids in the chamber, the regular is water however you can put alcohol, juices, and mint whatever your trip is.

You may be thinking all of that is great, but you might be asking if bongs are awkward. The fact is, there are so many varieties of sizes and variations on bong design that you should be able to see one that is small and easy to carry if that’s what you need. There are even padded bags and other great accessories that can carry your special bongs with you. Bongs have a wide price range too that can suit your needs. Whatever your budget, there’s a bong perfect you and your needs.

There are different kinds of bongs and here are some of them

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes and are as unique as the people who smoke them. They can be very basic with just one tube, or be very complex with multiple tubes. Some bongs are huge and hold a gallon of water while others are tiny and portable.

Bongs can be made of all kinds of materials. Glass bongs are basically the most popular; however, acrylic, plastic, metal and ceramic bongs tend to cost less and are harder to break. A lot of bongs are intended with aesthetic qualities in mind and double as impressive works of art. Others are plain and straightforward. There are major brand bongs and one of a kind artisan bongs. Every bong provides a different smoking experience.

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When You Take Weed Seeds, Then You Need To Know About This

There are different types of drug testing around, and probably hair testing remains one of the most flawed testing being used. What it does is it works by detecting drug metabolites passively diffused from the blood stream to the base of the hair follicle. With a pencil thick sample, it’s about an inch and a half long, hair test labs can sense drug within the past three months, this includes the pattern of use- if you have been smoking regularly or occasionally.

For people with very short hair, labs will take a sample from any available part of the body. Hair test will never become the prime test in detecting drug substance, and maybe it will never be. The issue with hair testing is that it takes very low concentration that they look for traces of drugs that are at least two orders of magnitude, that is lower that urine testing. Therefore, if the hair is not clean, if there is the smallest microscopic trace of drugs left n the hair, washing it will surely cause a false positive, because the true positive concentration these drug testers are looking for as very low.

Furthermore, environmental contaminants are the huge issue for hair testing. The microscopic amount of smoke and powder cling to the hair shaft and winds up as a trace amount on a false- positive hair test. To make matters worse, these contaminants hold on to the dark, course hair much more, making African- American, Asians, and Latinos significantly more susceptible to a false positive result.  Reports says that dark haired people are ten to fifty times more likely to test positive for drug use from a hair follicle drug test.

 When you want to beat a hair test, the best that you can do is to use one of many follicle shampoos available from a variety of retail outlet nationwide.

For weed seeds users, at least now, you know what kind of shampoo would be very useful for you.

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Lowering The Offence For Medical Marijuana Possession

Patients needing marijuana treatment has been facing all-sorts of issues every day about their medication, as if what they are going through is not enough to give them a hard time. But once in a while some good news come their way.

One of the good news is having a bill signed in reducing offence for marijuana possession by none other than the famous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Gov. S strongly opposes Proposition 19, which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, however, the good Governor made a compromise in spite of his opposition of the said proposition and that is by offering to sign a bill that would downgrade the possession of an ounce or less from misdemeanour to infraction.

Sen. Leno who wrote SB 1449, stated that it will keep marijuana related cases from going to court clogging jury trials, nevertheless, the penalty would remain a fine of up to one hundred dollars but no jail time.

Governor Arnold said that notwithstanding his opposition to Proposition 19, but he is signing this measure because possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is an infraction in everything but name. In this moment where massive drastic cuts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, law enforcement, and the courts cannot afford to expend limited resources prosecuting a crime that carries the same punishment as a traffic ticket.

A lot of medical marijuana users are somewhat glad with the compromise because this would somehow give them a safe leeway on their medication. There are cases where even qualified users of medical marijuana are busted by the authorities because of these conflicting laws. The bargain made by the Governor does not solve the real problems facing medical marijuana patients, growers and collectives but at least there is a compromise.

However, not everybody agrees with the governor’s decision, it was denounced by Randy Thomasson, president of Save California.

But despite of the opposition many still believes that the governor deserves credit for sparing the state’s taxpayers the cost of minor pot offenders.

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Medical Marijuana Patients Are Winners In Arizona!

Yes, people who are under treatment in Arizona are way luckier as compared to other patients in the country! Not because the weed are better bit because Arizona produced a unique lottery, and while there are were no christened millionaire, about thirty thousand medical marijuana patients statewide were announced winners as they are now closer than ever to legally getting their needed medicine.

 The Arizona Department of Health Services pulled lottery balls during a four hour process that decides the first ninety- seven dispensary registration certificates to be given to medical marijuana providers to over more than four hundred applicants.

 The Department of Health Services divided the state into one hundred twenty six “community health analysis areas” preceding to the dispensary license lottery, the twenty nine other “areas” that were skipped were either faced with lawsuits filed by prospective dispensary owners or there was no competition necessitating a drawing

 The lottery was a needed event for pot patient and caregivers that have been waiting for at least two years to legally use and give medical marijuana after Proposition 203 forwarded by the thin-hair margins and has been stymied by the never-ending political posturing by the Attorney General and Governor, until the Department of Health director announced last April that the dispensary program would proceed as previously planned.

 Medical marijuana patients from Arizona began receiving their department of health issued identification cards to get medicines in 2011 and have been waiting patiently for the program to unfold. One great aspect about Prop 23 is that it does not limit or restrict the quantity of cannabis a dispensary can cultivate or grow, although the patients are limited in having the maximum of under seventy one grams every fourteen days. The dispensary operators that “won” the lottery must need to qualify state inspections and legally open for business.

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The Common Health Hazards Of Medical Marijuana

We are all aware of the great benefits of medical marijuana, but do you know that it can be harmful when it is not tested?

Impurities in your marijuana can give you more harm than good. In the tested cannabis, twenty percent of the results shows that it is positive of molds, bacteria and pesticides.

It seems that molds have been very dominant in the results. Molds are living organisms involved in decomposition of organic matter. The molds produce mycotoxins that are very harmful to plants, animals and people.

Mycotoxins can cause illness in immediate exposure and progressive sickness to those who are constantly exposed to it. A patient can become sick with allergies, the patient remains allergic to it and with continuous exposure, it can cause irreversible liver damage.

There are several molds and one of them is mildew. Mildew is the one that is most commonly found in the tests. Luckily, this is relatively least harmful. For marijuana users who smoke it for pleasure, mildew is just another inconvenience that makes the marijuana taste unpleasant. However, for people who are under treatment of marijuana and are diagnosed with debilitating disease, mycotoxins are very harmful.

Another mold that can sometime be found in weeds is Aspergillus. Aspergillus is a very toxic mold that can be identified with several colors, they come is green, white, yellow, blue, and brown. Some strain of the Aspergillus contains a highly toxic mycotoxin and ochratoxin. What you need to know about Ochratoxin is it carcinogenic, it destroys the kidney and causes neuropathic pain throughout the body. Because of these concerns, routine laboratory testing for Aspergillus and Ochratoxin is done on other plants like beans, red wine, dried fruits and other cereals.

There are several kinds of molds and mycotoxins concerned. Under normal circumstances, the FDA is responsible for screening out these toxins from our food and drug supply through mandatory testing.

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Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008

On December 4, 2008, the State of Michigan approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act  (MMMA) to  join a handful of states in the US to have legal use of medical marijuana.  It is one of the recent states to have a humanitarian view on the woes of its ailing citizenry on their need to have alternative treatment for serious or debilitating illnesses.  The law based its approval on the medical findings of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine that Marijuana has medicinal properties for treating symptoms of minor as well as incapacitating illnesses.

The enactment noted that almost 99 of 100 of those taken into custody for marijuana possession in the US are done at the state level and not under federal law. By legalizing medicinal marijuana, the ill citizens of Michigan can be protected from being put to jail as long as they consume it in the confines of the state.  Under Federal Law, marijuana is still illegal.  However, the states are not obliged to apply these laws if they have a specific law that says otherwise, as in the medical marijuana statute. At present there are only 15 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Debilitating illnesses enumerated are: Cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease and nail patella.  It can be used to treat the following symptoms of long-term or debilitating illnesses with symptoms of severe and chronic pain; cachexia or wasting syndrome; acute nausea, chronic and severe muscle contractions and those that have the symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis.

A patient may request the approval of the state department of community health for treatment by medical marijuana therapy for his illnesses that are not stated in the MMMA.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allowed 2.5 oz of consumables and 12 plants.  It also allows patients from other states to purchase from Michigan.  Open the website on.Grand Rapids, Michigan.


How To Get Medical Marijuana in California

The United States is one of the countries that recognize the therapeutic value of medical marijuana and California is one of the states that give legal permission for its sale to persons who need medical marijuana.  California is one state that has numerous dispensaries or collectives where one can buy the form of medical marijuana that is suited for one’s ailment. The other states that allow consumption of medical marijuana are Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

To be able to buy medical marijuana in California, one should have a Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Card.  To get a card, one should get a recommendation from a physician that you need therapy from medical marijuana. The MMJ card is life saving not only because of the theraphy that can be bought with it but also because marijuana is illegal and you can land in jail without the MMJ Card.  When buying medical marijuana one has to have a doctor’s prescription because without the prescription, the sale is still illegal. The MMJ card is important because you can have peace of mind whenever  you have your “ joint “ or dried hemp in your car or your bag and when you are flagged down by authorities you do not fear that your medication will be confiscated or that you will be detained, questioned and taken to jail.

Medical marijuana can be bought in different forms.  Dried hemp, buds, salve, lotion, oil, powders, elixers, tinctures, capsules and edibles. The marijuana dispensaries in California has a menu book where the patient can choose the aroma that he will smell.  There is the grape flavor, orange or watermelon.

For pain one can chose to have an inhalation, taking a capsule or have lotion or salve rubbed over the painful area of the body. These are just the different options that one can have in buying medical marijuana in California.

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