How to Tell When You Have The Best Marijuana

Whether you are a dealer, a collective owner, a dispensary manager, and/ or a user of marijuana, you need to have the knowledge when the kinds of marijuana you have in your possession the high- grade one. Yes, in time, you may able to differentiate between a low grade and a high grade, but why waste a lot of time when you can know now, right. This way, you will save yourself a lot of money, time and effort, not to mention disappointments.

Here are some of the aspects that tells when you have the best marijuana in your possession.

Smell the marijuana. By smelling the cannabis, you may be able to tell that what you have is a prematurely- harvested bud. When the bud odour is grassy and very pungent, rest assured that it has been harvested pre-maturely. However,  when the bud has a friendly scent of pine trees and skunks, then you are heading for a great treat! Take note that a prematurely picked marijuana is a weak marijuana.

The appearance of the marijuana can tell a lot if it is a good weed or a bad one. You cannot judge the book its cover, right? Wrong! What you marijuana looks like can tell you a lot when what you have is a chronic weed or a trash weed. A good looking bag of best marijuana contains medium to large buds with little or no stems. Good quality buds may also have crystalline appearance that creates a “glitter” when seen under a light. These buds will often be bright green with orange, purple and red hairs. When the weed you have is brown, turn it down and look for the one mentioned above.

When you want to know when you have a weed that is worth your money, feel the weed. A superior weed is usually soft, light and even sticky to the touch. When it is the opposite, forget it!

Last and definitely not the least, you can always tell when you have a fine weed through its effect after tasting its sample. A great weed should inspire you in a creative way without hat heavy, “ burn-out” feeling that is most often associated with a low class marijuana.

When you keep these tips in mind, rest assured that you will have your money back every time you buy marijuana. With the hard time, there are a lot of dealer who would ran for your money, make sure that this does not happened to you.

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