Marijuana Pipes: How To Make A Can Pipe

When a situation comes that, you are in a friend’s place and suddenly a guest comes along have whole ounce of weed to share for everybody but none wants to use a joint, then it would be convenient to create a can pipe. Surely, there is a can of soda or beer lying around the corner of each house.

Can pipes are probably the most practical and easy to do marijuana pipes there is. Although it is disposable but rest assured it can served its purpose for you and your friends to enjoy.

When you want to make a can pipe, the first thing that you need to do is to gather all the materials necessary. This is not hard to do because all you need are two items, the first one is of course the can and a sharp pointed object like a knife.

Once you have all the materials ready, what you need to do is to crush the can. How do you do that? You turn the can so that the opening is towards the ground. Then you push in the top part of the can to make a dent that will eventually keep the marijuana from rolling of the can. When you do not know your strength and you keep messing up this part, make sure you have several pairs of soda can to try until you make it right.

Once you are a done with the crush of the can, it is time to poke it. In the dent that you created, make sure that you poke small holes in it. Be careful not to make these holes too small or too big or you cannot fully maximize you weed smoking party. Keep in mind that these holes serves as the screen of your can pipe, when the holes are too big, it will fall into the can and get sucked in to your mouth, when it is too small you cannot burn it thoroughly.

After poking the holes, you need to carb the can.  What you need to do is to create a round hole inside the can. The holes should be small enough, make sure that it can be easily covered by your thumb while you smoke your cannabis.

When you are done with the carb, it is time to put the weed on top of the screen of your can pipe. While you hold the carb with your thumb, light the weed and inhale through the opening of the ca. When you feel that your lungs are getting filled up with smoke, release the carb and when you are done and good, dispose of it properly.

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