Medical Marijuana Patients Are Winners In Arizona!

Yes, people who are under treatment in Arizona are way luckier as compared to other patients in the country! Not because the weed are better bit because Arizona produced a unique lottery, and while there are were no christened millionaire, about thirty thousand medical marijuana patients statewide were announced winners as they are now closer than ever to legally getting their needed medicine.

 The Arizona Department of Health Services pulled lottery balls during a four hour process that decides the first ninety- seven dispensary registration certificates to be given to medical marijuana providers to over more than four hundred applicants.

 The Department of Health Services divided the state into one hundred twenty six “community health analysis areas” preceding to the dispensary license lottery, the twenty nine other “areas” that were skipped were either faced with lawsuits filed by prospective dispensary owners or there was no competition necessitating a drawing

 The lottery was a needed event for pot patient and caregivers that have been waiting for at least two years to legally use and give medical marijuana after Proposition 203 forwarded by the thin-hair margins and has been stymied by the never-ending political posturing by the Attorney General and Governor, until the Department of Health director announced last April that the dispensary program would proceed as previously planned.

 Medical marijuana patients from Arizona began receiving their department of health issued identification cards to get medicines in 2011 and have been waiting patiently for the program to unfold. One great aspect about Prop 23 is that it does not limit or restrict the quantity of cannabis a dispensary can cultivate or grow, although the patients are limited in having the maximum of under seventy one grams every fourteen days. The dispensary operators that “won” the lottery must need to qualify state inspections and legally open for business.

 To know the nearest Arizona medicinal cannabis dispensary in your area, click here:


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