The Common Health Hazards Of Medical Marijuana

We are all aware of the great benefits of medical marijuana, but do you know that it can be harmful when it is not tested?

Impurities in your marijuana can give you more harm than good. In the tested cannabis, twenty percent of the results shows that it is positive of molds, bacteria and pesticides.

It seems that molds have been very dominant in the results. Molds are living organisms involved in decomposition of organic matter. The molds produce mycotoxins that are very harmful to plants, animals and people.

Mycotoxins can cause illness in immediate exposure and progressive sickness to those who are constantly exposed to it. A patient can become sick with allergies, the patient remains allergic to it and with continuous exposure, it can cause irreversible liver damage.

There are several molds and one of them is mildew. Mildew is the one that is most commonly found in the tests. Luckily, this is relatively least harmful. For marijuana users who smoke it for pleasure, mildew is just another inconvenience that makes the marijuana taste unpleasant. However, for people who are under treatment of marijuana and are diagnosed with debilitating disease, mycotoxins are very harmful.

Another mold that can sometime be found in weeds is Aspergillus. Aspergillus is a very toxic mold that can be identified with several colors, they come is green, white, yellow, blue, and brown. Some strain of the Aspergillus contains a highly toxic mycotoxin and ochratoxin. What you need to know about Ochratoxin is it carcinogenic, it destroys the kidney and causes neuropathic pain throughout the body. Because of these concerns, routine laboratory testing for Aspergillus and Ochratoxin is done on other plants like beans, red wine, dried fruits and other cereals.

There are several kinds of molds and mycotoxins concerned. Under normal circumstances, the FDA is responsible for screening out these toxins from our food and drug supply through mandatory testing.

For more info about the safety of your medicinal cannabis, click here.

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