Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008

On December 4, 2008, the State of Michigan approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act  (MMMA) to  join a handful of states in the US to have legal use of medical marijuana.  It is one of the recent states to have a humanitarian view on the woes of its ailing citizenry on their need to have alternative treatment for serious or debilitating illnesses.  The law based its approval on the medical findings of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine that Marijuana has medicinal properties for treating symptoms of minor as well as incapacitating illnesses.

The enactment noted that almost 99 of 100 of those taken into custody for marijuana possession in the US are done at the state level and not under federal law. By legalizing medicinal marijuana, the ill citizens of Michigan can be protected from being put to jail as long as they consume it in the confines of the state.  Under Federal Law, marijuana is still illegal.  However, the states are not obliged to apply these laws if they have a specific law that says otherwise, as in the medical marijuana statute. At present there are only 15 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Debilitating illnesses enumerated are: Cancer, glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease and nail patella.  It can be used to treat the following symptoms of long-term or debilitating illnesses with symptoms of severe and chronic pain; cachexia or wasting syndrome; acute nausea, chronic and severe muscle contractions and those that have the symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis.

A patient may request the approval of the state department of community health for treatment by medical marijuana therapy for his illnesses that are not stated in the MMMA.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act allowed 2.5 oz of consumables and 12 plants.  It also allows patients from other states to purchase from Michigan.  Open the website on.Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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