Different Kinds Of Containers For Your Medical Marijuana

When you are now starting to use marijuana for medication or for pleasure, then you need to use the appropriate container to use. Here are some the containers you can choose from.

The Sandwich Bag. The sandwich bag is perhaps the most practical and convenient way of storing your precious weed. However, you have to be careful in using this because it has the tendency to degrade your weed longer than other kinds of container. Therefore, when you are planning to store you marijuana for a long time, this choice is not the best. Before the use of glass jars, this is the favoured choice of container especially for keeping small quantities of weed. The most common bags are the simple, non-zipping, pleated baggies found at all major grocery stores. This kind of container can hold from ¼ to 4/8 an ounce of weed. There is a trick in storing medical marijuana when using a sandwich bag and that is to make sure that the cannabis is evenly distributed along the bottom of the bag. Then, what you need t do is to rolled toward the top, just like rolling the joint until there is at least one inch flap exposed. Finally, what you need to do is to lick the flap and seal the baggage until further use. When you use large amount of weed, it will be convenient to use the right bag which is the medium to large, zipping plastic bags. These are often sold as freezer bags and is perfect for quantities of marijuana that is larger than half an ounce.

The next one is the glass jars. For choosey medical marijuana smoker, this is perfect choice as compared to the plastic ones, especially for users who buy high- quality buds. Glass jars come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colours to fit your need. This is the favoured one because glass jars are resistant to leakage, marijuana stays fresher and more potent when being stored in these containers as compared to plastic or even wood.

Another container for your medical marijuana is the prescription bottle. Since marijuana are being sold legally in a lot of locations in the states with the provision of a doctor, most collectives distribute their medicine in a plastic prescription bottles. These containers tend to keep your item very fresh and they are more convenient as compared to glass jars.

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How to Tell When You Have The Best Marijuana

Whether you are a dealer, a collective owner, a dispensary manager, and/ or a user of marijuana, you need to have the knowledge when the kinds of marijuana you have in your possession the high- grade one. Yes, in time, you may able to differentiate between a low grade and a high grade, but why waste a lot of time when you can know now, right. This way, you will save yourself a lot of money, time and effort, not to mention disappointments.

Here are some of the aspects that tells when you have the best marijuana in your possession.

Smell the marijuana. By smelling the cannabis, you may be able to tell that what you have is a prematurely- harvested bud. When the bud odour is grassy and very pungent, rest assured that it has been harvested pre-maturely. However,  when the bud has a friendly scent of pine trees and skunks, then you are heading for a great treat! Take note that a prematurely picked marijuana is a weak marijuana.

The appearance of the marijuana can tell a lot if it is a good weed or a bad one. You cannot judge the book its cover, right? Wrong! What you marijuana looks like can tell you a lot when what you have is a chronic weed or a trash weed. A good looking bag of best marijuana contains medium to large buds with little or no stems. Good quality buds may also have crystalline appearance that creates a “glitter” when seen under a light. These buds will often be bright green with orange, purple and red hairs. When the weed you have is brown, turn it down and look for the one mentioned above.

When you want to know when you have a weed that is worth your money, feel the weed. A superior weed is usually soft, light and even sticky to the touch. When it is the opposite, forget it!

Last and definitely not the least, you can always tell when you have a fine weed through its effect after tasting its sample. A great weed should inspire you in a creative way without hat heavy, “ burn-out” feeling that is most often associated with a low class marijuana.

When you keep these tips in mind, rest assured that you will have your money back every time you buy marijuana. With the hard time, there are a lot of dealer who would ran for your money, make sure that this does not happened to you.

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Marijuana Pipes: How To Make A Can Pipe

When a situation comes that, you are in a friend’s place and suddenly a guest comes along have whole ounce of weed to share for everybody but none wants to use a joint, then it would be convenient to create a can pipe. Surely, there is a can of soda or beer lying around the corner of each house.

Can pipes are probably the most practical and easy to do marijuana pipes there is. Although it is disposable but rest assured it can served its purpose for you and your friends to enjoy.

When you want to make a can pipe, the first thing that you need to do is to gather all the materials necessary. This is not hard to do because all you need are two items, the first one is of course the can and a sharp pointed object like a knife.

Once you have all the materials ready, what you need to do is to crush the can. How do you do that? You turn the can so that the opening is towards the ground. Then you push in the top part of the can to make a dent that will eventually keep the marijuana from rolling of the can. When you do not know your strength and you keep messing up this part, make sure you have several pairs of soda can to try until you make it right.

Once you are a done with the crush of the can, it is time to poke it. In the dent that you created, make sure that you poke small holes in it. Be careful not to make these holes too small or too big or you cannot fully maximize you weed smoking party. Keep in mind that these holes serves as the screen of your can pipe, when the holes are too big, it will fall into the can and get sucked in to your mouth, when it is too small you cannot burn it thoroughly.

After poking the holes, you need to carb the can.  What you need to do is to create a round hole inside the can. The holes should be small enough, make sure that it can be easily covered by your thumb while you smoke your cannabis.

When you are done with the carb, it is time to put the weed on top of the screen of your can pipe. While you hold the carb with your thumb, light the weed and inhale through the opening of the ca. When you feel that your lungs are getting filled up with smoke, release the carb and when you are done and good, dispose of it properly.

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The Best Marijuana Strain Ever!

Now that fifteen U.S. states, including Washington DC already permitting medical weed users a legal alternative to manage their condition, advocates fighting to legalize, regulate and tax cannabis claim is just around the corner.

Last November, the state of California voted against stopping cannabis prohibition all together however, the measure was overpowered by just over seven hundred thousand votes with Proposition 19 forcing the global spotlight on the issue of pot law reform for recreation use.

However, when it comes to the medicinal use of the plant, it continues to forge on as a huge cover up of sorts. As more chronic pain sufferers commend marijuana’s healing effect and debate over lost tax revenues and expensive jailing for offenders increase larger might warrant a closer look into the financial viability of legal sales.

In an effort to take a closer examination into marijuana’s alleged medicinal value, let us indentify the best marijuana for medical use. Here is the short list of the popular weed that you can use medically.

White Berry. This strain is perfect when you have trouble sleeping. White Berry can make a great night time smoke. It has millions of feedback when it comes to its soothing qualities. White Berry induces a peaceful and calming, easy feeling. Ideal for relaxing in the couch, for those who have muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome and anxiety, White Berry is perfect for you.

A-Train. A Train is a hybrid between Humboldt County “Trainwreck” and “Afghani Mazar.” This genius breed is a gift for growers and users alike because of its amazing taste and easy to grow. This strain is perfect for individuals who are suffering from serious illness like cancer, AIDS or glaucoma because A- Train can enhance appetite and ease up ocular pressure.

Trainwreck. When you are from Northern California, I am sure this strain is needs further introduction or explanation. Trainwreck is a staple joint in Northern California, and it has a unique kick of its own. Because this strain is known for its spicy and citrus after-taste, it has won many awards as the best marijuana in most weed magazines and websites.

Dr. Grinspoon. This joint was named in honour of its makers and noted cannabis researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Dr. Grinspoon, was a Harvard Medical School professor and a strong supporter of marijuana for more than 40 years. This strain is indeed every joint smoker’s favourite because of its long lasting and very cerebral effect. This strain is very helpful when you or your patient is suffering from chronic depression and nausea due to effect of medication.

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Best Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

The best hybrid marijuana seeds according to the website the Kind Green Buds are the following:


  1. Cinderella 99 –  This wonderful hybrid was named after the most famous fairy tale character because of her modest  beginnings but became a beatiful strain.  Cinderella 99 is a cross between Jack Herrer and Shiva Skunk. The original Cinderella 99 was cultivated by the Brothers Grimm but they abandoned the strain.  The Gypsy Nirvana growers revived the F2 generation to give to consumers the sweet taste, sativa buzz and short maturity and good yield.  The production of this marijuana strain is a slow burning high class bud, very thick citrusy smoke.  The effect on smokers is a happy, silly laugh, mind stimulating which is ideal for those who are new to marijuana use.  For those who want to cultivate the plant, this strain gives a good yield.  If planted on 3 gal pots, it can yield 50 gms.  If planted outside, it can yield to as much as 1 kilo per plant.
  2. Blue Cheese – is a cross between Blueberry Clones and Big Buddha Cheese.  As such it is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It was crossed several  times to come up with a sturdy and easy to cultivate hybrid that has the flavors of Blueberry and cheese.  Its buds are swirly purple that comes out after 63 days and the plant finishes off on the 8th to 10th week.  The yield is not as heavy as those of great produces but its market are those who are aficionados of exotic tastes.  The high that it gives is velvety, while you are also functional.  Its cheesy taste is lingering while the lace of blueberry flavor comes out when you exhale.
  3. Strawberry Cough – is 20% indica and 80% sativa. This hybrid has just enough indica to give a good yield and shorted it maturity period to only 60 days.  It is recommended to plant two herbs in an area of 1 square foot.  It grows well in soil or hydro and can reach up to 3 ft. In height.  It flowers in just 40 days and has a second crop of flowers that ends up in 65 days.  The colas are very dense which can get heavy but the branches are very sturdy and can support the weight of the produce.  The flavors of strawberry cough is sweet and cream just like its name, laced with Kiwi drops.  Its high targets the mind and makes one active.  It is ideal for the treatment of depression.

These hybrid marijuana seeds can be ordered online and delivered discreetly on your doorsteps.  Boulder, Colorado.  Find the website on.

Want To Start An Michigan Weed Delivery Business? Then Read this

When you are thinking of putting up a marijuana delivery service make sure you are serious about it, venturing in this kind of business should never be taken lightly, there are a lot of aspects that you need to consider prior starting such trade.

When you are decided on a Michigan weed delivery business, here are just a few factors and elements that must be considered to have a smooth and profitable mobile dispensary.

The first that you should consider is the law. As of today, there are sixteen legal medicinal cannabis states that permit the use of medical marijuana, each of these states have specific rules and guidelines regarding the growing and distribution of weed seeds. When you really want to be on the safe and wise side, take time to visit and consult a medical marijuana attorney on the legalities and guidelines of weed delivery service in your state. When you’re in luck, this service can be provided for free because there are some states that provide free MMJ attorney consultation for free through an advocacy groups.

In the modern age of the world wide web, there are websites that can easily provide you accurate and reliable information in applying for a dispensary, or caregiver licenses, negotiating fees and legalities, and drawing the line the “grey” areas in each medical marijuana state or city ordinance.

However, it is always worth your time and expenses to go for a legal guidance to make sure that your Michigan weed delivery business application is approve and eliminate complicated legal issues someday. 

The second element that you need to consider in starting a weed delivery service is the awareness on how you intend to supply the medical marijuana. In some states like Washington D.C. opening a dispensary can scale up to two hundred grand, this is a rough estimate because opening a dispensary, investing in a large scale cultivation and employing skilled growers are necessary to run a marijuana mobile service smoothly.

However, in some states like Arizona where dispensaries have not yet been established patient to patient compassion clubs have become the only way of getting medical marijuana legally, and since the clubs provide personally cultivated marijuana that is donated by registered patients the income far exceeds the cost, therefore in these areas, cannabis mobile delivery can be very profitable.

The last important element that you need to consider in your business or any business for that matter is the security. In mobile service, this is very essential since you, your people would be dealing large amount of money, and you cannot deny that your stuff is very tempting to bad people. You might include in your system having a trusted partner or employee that rides along or regularly checks in before, during and after the delivery. There are other means of protection as well, like contacting the patient before the deliver to help build guidelines for the transaction.

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The Money You Can Earn In Growing Weed Seeds

With recession plaguing our country, looking for the right business that can for you provide you and your family a stable living can be difficult, until the opportunity for growing marijuana becomes a great way to make money.

California medical marijuana growers can easily and conveniently pay for their starting capital and expenses like electricity, growing accessories, rent, and even living expenses when the grower is thorough and carefully do the correct way of cultivating weed seeds.

When you are a grower, you can provide clones, edibles, concentrate, mother plants and even growing supplies for collective and patients. The amount of profit you will earn will depend greatly on what you decide to get started doing.

For instance, you can make $8 per clone when working with collectives and they tend to need around twenty to one hundred plus clones per week, this opportunity can indeed add to your income when you are steadfast enough to be serious with your business, when done correctly, you can expand your weed seeds business in a short period of time.  

When you are dealing with other patients they have the tendency to offer donations per clone, this can range from around ten to fifteen dollars per clone. Most patients will ask for at least ten- thirty clones at a time and the great thing about this, these patients are long- term customers, moreover, when you treat them well and they trust you enough, they can spread a good word about you and refer you to their friends who are looking for a trusted medical marijuana provider.

Other than clones, a lot of collective need high- quality medication and while they will give you the price of a wholesale donation for your meds, they will always need a quarter pound or more every time so expect that they will always be a staying customer when you need donations to cover expenses. 

It is always beneficial to ask for eight ounce donation amounts as they will net the average grower better “recouping” of their growing costs overall.

The great thing about being in this business is that most collectives and patients would prefer to transact in cash. Most of them never want a cannabis dispensary recorded in their bank or credit card statement. Moreover, cash transaction are safer to avoid feds digging into the paper trail of your medical marijuana use or business which can incriminate you later on.

When you want to know more about weed seeds business, contact your nearest Colorado weed delivery service.